The Estate


The Estate La Pergola is located on the hills few minutes away from Bardolino, overlooking a beautiful view on the lower Lake Garda and in particular the Sirmione peninsula.

A path sided by centenarian cypresses welcomes and brings you to the heart of the family estate; all around your eyesight may roam freely between grapevines and olive-trees which create a joyful sensation of an endless land.

A stream flows between a cane-field and fruit trees, following the inclination of the ground, and disappears to reconnect with a myriad of underground springs.

Brief history

The estate has always been family owned.

Countess liola spreafico droume de festi, towards of the ‘70s permanently moved here with her husband Carlo renovating a wine cellar into a simple, warm country residence. Her son Roberto, nuclear phisics researcher, after working abroad and in Italy fell in love with the beauty of the countryside and particularly with the olive tree farming, thus giving life to the farming business of the estate la pergola.

For many years he has worked full time in this business with passion, devotion and spirit of research.

He has involved in this project his family. He retired in 2011 and the daughter took over the family business.


We farm with the organic method and are also developing differentiated waste collection for guests. We have installed solar panels for hot water and a project to install photo-voltaic panels is also planned.

We are mindful of biodiversity, to preserving different types of ancient plants and rediscovering other local plants. In fact we are planning to develop an ancient fruit orchard.

Our suppliers are mostly local with a preference for those who have the same values as we do. We believe it is worthwhile supporting those who work well without recognising soul-less products made in large quantities, but preferring those that maintain their peculiarities with efforts and sacrifices.

Our local area is rich not only in terms of nature but also from the point of view of food and wine production. It can also boast artisans and artists with great aspirations and small spaces. It is our wish to support it and encourage it in our own small way.

Our Hospitality is attentive and courteous seeking empathy to give each person the most appropriate attention, according to our values. The products we serve at breakfast are organic or local and we are mindful to leave the labels on so as to be transparent and respectful of the producers with whom we work.

All the paper we use is recycled and most of the detergents are organic and non-polluting.

We try to eliminate packaging as much as possible and for this reason we have chosen for the courtesy products in our rooms Almacabio Marseille soap with a dispenser that can be refilled and is not thrown away.

Our aim is to produce in respect of traditions, humans, animals and nature, seeking to have as low an environmental impact as possible, supporting the local economy of quality and supporting a sustainable development with awareness and culture.

We are producers and consumers at the same time and we believe in an alternative way of doing business for an ethical and sustainable profit.